Together in Print Magazine

Last week, our agency rebrand was featured in Print Magazine as Brand of the Day. We were stoked to be featured by an outlet that we've long admired—plus, they gave the best compliment of all time (if you ask us).

“We tend to look at new identities like we look at tattoos—we often ask ourselves: Would we wear it? And the answer with Zheng Jian's identity for Together Agency is an unequivocal and enthusiastic yes.”

As proponents of the powerful "Would you wear it?" litmus test with our own clients, this compliment from the Print Mag team means a lot.

Read more here!

together agency brand identity design on t-shirt
together agency brand logo design on hat
together agency brand business card graphic design
together agency brand logo notebook design
together agency brand logo pin design
together agency brand lettering hieroglyphic
together agency brand logo letterhead print design

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