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FullStack Modular breaks away from traditional construction methods by offering a wholly integrated process for modular building. Having led the development of the tallest modular building in the world, the company is a leader in modernizing the process of real estate development. Together was proud to work with their team on a brand positioning and design update that put FSM’s design-technology edge at the forefront.

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An industry that’s been stuck for centuries

We started with a deep dive into FullStack Modular’s unique end-to-end design and build process, learning about the factory processes through interviews with key stakeholders. With the construction industry notoriously known for its lag in innovation, we envisioned bringing FSM's cutting-edge perspective to the forefront.


Making construction a science

By applying advanced technological systems for planning, design, and manufacturing, FSM brings a new level of control, predictability, and efficiency to real estate development. Their updated brand strategy sought to highlight the intelligence of the company’s operations: sophisticated, expert, data-driven, and exact.


A brand engineered with artistry

The new logo plays with the negative space and strokes, giving the optical illusion of cubes. The shapes also come together to form a subtle F and S. Shifting away from the brand’s original evergreen color, we introduced a brighter and more saturated palette to communicate FSM's tech focus and forward-thinking mindset.

Pitch Deck

Putting the pieces together

In addition to brand design, we worked closely with FSM to develop a pitch deck that would more effectively communicate its pioneering approach and irresistible benefits to developers. With the construction industry facing increasing complexities in modern urban development, FSM stands out as a brand directly tackling the scalability and sustainability needs of the future. The resulting deck design extended the brand with an icon system designed to work with their digital interfaces and public-facing communications, as well as 3D block diagrams to emphasize the creativity and ease of modular design.


Taking FullStack Modular to new heights

With the brand refresh complete, we turned to making quick, strategic updates to FSM’s website. Maintaining its current site template, we adjusted color and visuals to communicate FSM’s new branding and identity as a contemporary, tech-centered company. We consolidated secondary pages and content to provide an easy, logical flow for users to learn about FSM’s processes and advantages.


Modular’s moment in COVID-19 relief

When the pandemic swept the globe and halted daily functioning as we knew it, FSM swiftly pivoted operations, identifying a need early on that their unique capabilities could support: modular mobile healthcare units to house COVID-19 patients. Driven by this vision, the FSM team set out to develop modular rooms inside shipping containers to be used for triage, observation, and isolation.

And the team didn’t stop there. After restaurants were forced to suspend indoor dining, FSM was also quick to develop and install outdoor dining modules, helping community landmarks like Carbone stay in business.

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Together works with you from every angle thinking about the business landscape, market positioning, and all with a great design aesthetic—they are the go-to.

Roger Krulak / CEO at Fullstack Modular

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