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We partnered with dressage competitor Lindsey Schulz to debut a new collection of equestrian sport bags. Schulz ushers a new vision for how riders navigate their everyday: through an emphasis on style, innovative design updates, and a greater mission for environmental responsibility and sportsmanship.

We immediately connected with the founder’s vision, diving right into the simultaneous co-creation of brand and product. From strategy and brand development, to working with product designers and launching to the world, this collaboration was one marked by great friendship and trust, while navigating the ongoing challenges of business building in the midst of a pandemic.

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Research & Strategy

Preserving a tradition, while ushering something new

Our collaboration started early on in the business’s formation, working closely with founders on the defining principles of the brand culture and positioning. Through competitive reviews, stakeholder interviews, and a deep dive into the horse world, we started to weave together a brand strategy that connects to the heart of equestrian culture while communicating how Schulz breaks away from the norm.

What we found: riders are used to the unremarkable and often makeshift solutions for how they manage and carry their numerous equipment and tack. With so many moving parts, constant traveling for shows and clinics, and near-endless steps involved to just get into the saddle, riders are drawn to solutions that save time, introduce ease, and let them be present with their horse and their sport.


A brand bred from artistry and expertise

In a sport defined by presentation and precision, the design emphasizes a heritage of artistry and experience. The logomark offers a sense of confidence through its foundation, while hinting to the subtly creative parts of the product—classic pieces that are updated intelligently, always keeping in mind the needs of rider and horse.

Combining a drive for perfection with the warmth of community spirit, the brand strikes a balance between aspirational and inclusive.


Creating community, not just customers

The user experience emphasizes a balance of both reading and shopping. More than a D2C product, Schulz seeks to be a source of inspiration and depth to the rider lifestyle, delving into the people and topics equestrians find endlessly fascinating. The website would be a home for those not just ready to make a purchase, but also to those who love being part of the horse world.

The design prioritizes simplicity and structure—all the information you need, with everything easy to find.

Marketing & Launch

Expect excellence at all levels

Schulz was founded by and for the discerning rider, with a high regard for quality, style, and detail that goes the extra mile in thoughtfulness and consideration. The brand’s marketing and launch approach would be no different.

The Schulz website launched in October 2020, initiating a pre-order campaign that included an exclusive gift with purchase. Marketing efforts focused on grass-roots strategies that emphasized community and familiarity: network influencing, high-quality content, and consistent engagement through social media.

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