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Stacker is a new media company with a fast-growing footprint. Powering the next generation of journalism, this team is focused on ushering sustainable models for storytelling — new processes to produce, distribute, and fund quality journalism.

With a bold new take on industry customs, the Stacker team collaborated with Together to bring cohesion to its multifaceted business model and confidently communicate who they are and where they’re going. The challenge: onboard Stacker’s audience to its pioneering vision, while keeping central the brand’s dedication to journalistic integrity.

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Brand Strategy

More than a newsroom, more than a newswire

Our work started with intensive discovery: in-person and virtual workshops with the Stacker team, interviews across the brand’s diverse client base, and deep competitive analysis to position Stacker optimally for its future. Across its business units, one thing rang true from the beginning: a drive to support the efforts of news publishers all over, big and small. More than a newswire and more than content, Stacker is a storytelling partner for the world’s publishers.

Brand Collateral

At a crossroads: legacy vs. new media

Armed with these new strategic insights, it became clear we needed to rethink the hierarchy and interrelation of Stacker’s business operations across content creation, newswire services, and storytelling development with brands. We engaged a dedicated brand architecture exploration, to guide the Stacker team to align internally on its organizational structure, and identify how this updated architecture would inform the communication and design approach of additional brand materials.

Bringing depth to design

Having already launched their content site with a logo and color palette, Stacker sought a design partner willing to build off that foundation to extend the visual language of the brand. Playing on the bars of Stacker’s existing logo design, we developed subsidiary lockups for each of Stacker’s business units — a direct reflection of the architectural work that came right before. We further explored the brand’s visual presence through gradient, multimedia imagery, animation, iconography, and story headline images. Putting it all together, we developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

Website Design

Building a new home for the brand

Our strategy, communication, and design work culminated in the launch of Stacker’s first enterprise website, putting the company’s mission and innovative business model front and center. We kept site navigation streamlined to guide action across all of Stacker’s core audiences — publishers, brands, and prospective team members. Animated moments and clever interactions reflect the dynamism of the Stacker brand and the team’s energy to usher a new future for journalism.

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The Together team crafted the most beautiful home for all things Stacker.

Noah Greenberg / CEO at Stacker Media

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