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Taking command of a personal brand

Dr. Bose is a world-leading emergency medicine physician, combat veteran, and global health advocate—most known for being selected by U.S. forces to treat Saddam Hussein after his capture, leading to Dr. Bose’s global acclaim, military honors, and recognition as a “CNN Hero.”

With an increasing presence in the public eye, Dr. Bose was looking to develop a stronger, more cohesive brand platform that unified his many endeavors across medicine, veteran advocacy, health entrepreneurship, professorship, and speaking.

Now an essential worker at the frontlines of combatting COVID-19, Dr. Bose is no stranger to performing under pressure—it seems only fitting that his brand would be born in the midst of a global pandemic.

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Website Strategy

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Focusing amidst chaos

The strategy phase focused on finding the through line of Dr. Bose’s breadth of work experiences and interests, ultimately landing on the strategic idea: “Command Your Inner Army.” It was Dr. Bose’s unique ability to navigate high-stakes, high-pressure situations while remaining in control of his mind and body, that allowed him to achieve amidst the insurmountable.


Becoming Dr. Bose

Before jumping into design, we had one major question to tackle: what’s in a name? While our client’s initial brand and domain focused on his full name Sudip Bose (no title), we explored different variations, finally landing on “Dr. Bose” — a memorable moniker that instantly communicates authority.

The wordmark offers a nod to Dr. Bose’s veteran status and military expertise, bridging past experience with future leadership in various disciplines—medicine, entrepreneurship, and beyond. The color palette is bold and energizing, without being too cliché. The team was careful about looking beyond medical red, army green, and camouflage. The typeface, secondary graphics, and illustrations visually portray the precision necessary in Dr. Bose’s field of work, and his ability to stand up under pressure.


A digital presence as sharp as his mind

For the website UX and interface design, the challenge was to distill years of content and multifaceted endeavors into a single digital home where users could discover and browse without the overwhelm.


Can’t stop, won’t stop

Dr. Bose is currently serving at the frontlines of the United States’s response to COVID-19, communicating with epidemiologists based in other global hotspots, advising White House leadership, and serving as a go-to health correspondent for national media outlets including Fox News and MSNBC.

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Together helped unite my past with my present and seamlessly brought my brand to life so I can continue working to keep Americans safe and healthy.

Dr. Sudip Bose

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